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What is C.A.P.P and Who is Behind it All?

Hi! My name is Giselle and I am so thankful you are able to take a moment to check us out!

At 18 I started on as a hired pet grooming assistant in the outskirts of the small city of Sudbury, Ontario, in Canada. It was there that I found my passion for working with pets and pursued an education in Pet grooming.

After graduating from Pets Beautiful, Pet stylist school in Ottawa, Ontario in 2005, I went back to Sudbury where I spent the next several years working on my skills as a pet stylist as well as working at the local chapter of the SPCA. My passion for animals and their welfare was a most important part of my life. I even took the witness stand as a professional for a cruelty case I had assisted with as a groomer.

I knew early on in my career that this would be a lifelong path for me and well, I was right. Fast forward several years, a couple jobs, and a few provinces later, I found myself living in Gatineau Quebec and working in Ottawa, Ontario.

I worked at a salon in an area of Ottawa called the Glebe where I spent 4 years learning from some of the finest stylists I have ever had the pleasure to work with and getting comfortable with the Ottawa area and the amazing people who inhabited it.

I eventually made the move to a small up and coming salon in the East end of the city where within 2 years, I had bought the business and hit the ground running.


From Successful Brick & Mortar Pet Grooming Salon– to Selling Custom Pet Clothes & Products Through An eCommerce Store


Our Canadian pet grooming salon, Pucci Parlour, has made a wonderful name and impression on the surrounding community. We pride ourselves on being educated and continuing that education as well as bringing that knowledge directly to our clients so we, as a team, can make the most informed and best decisions for their fur kids grooming needs. We also donate and work with several charities to help them achieve their goals and save as many pets as possible and help to find them wonderful furever homes.

We consider each pet that walks through our door a part of our family and even refer to ourselves as aunty’s and the pets our fur nieces and nephews.


Everything was going along smoothly and as planned when suddenly, Corona hit


Like many industries, The pandemic has not been kind to the grooming industry.

Unfortunately, over the course of the pandemic, our doors were repeatedly forced closed by the government to stop the spread of the virus. Thankfully we have been able to survive thanks to our amazing clients and their patience and understanding but it left me with a TON of time on my hands that needed to be filled with something productive.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have quite the sense of humor and love a sassy personality. I also love animals. I often speak to my clients and just as often, they return the banter… in my voice, of course!

I decided why not combine my love of pets and sass and turn this into something that can service both of those things while bringing much needed joy and lighthearted fun to the world.


And so, Custom Apparel 4 Pets and Parents (C.A.P.P) was born.


Together with my amazing digital marketing team, D2C Group. INC, We’ve set the scene for the best custom pet and parent apparel site known to the world! A huge inspiration for launching C.A.P.P is seeing humans walking their fur kiddos down the street, sporting a hoodie with their pets beautiful fluffy face on it and their pet wearing a cute little hoodie as well with a wonderfully amazing picture of their parents face on it. What about your pet wearing a t-shirt or dress that displays their personality to a tee.

Having “trolling for bitc#’s” or “I put the F & U in Fabulous” or maybe even “I still live with my Pawrents” on their outfit, would just let the world know your kid has personality to spare and so do you! There are also very practical and helpful areas that I could reach as well. Such as service pets. Having a shirt, harness, collar or leash that says “Working, DO NOT TOUCH” or “My mom/ dad is hearing impaired, Autistic, introverted, insert the preferred descriptive” or even for the pets that aren’t very social or have a difficult time with children or other pets. Having that written on a sweater, jacket or their summer dress or t-shirt in bold, vibrant letters could really help others around you to see and avoid with less conversation and more safety for all.

I do hope you enjoy the site and my mission as much as I do. I am excited for each and every single order and currently do all the design, create, and heat pressing myself for each item. They are all made with love and care with attention to quality items and apparel as well as the products used to customize each item.

Please stay a while, make yourself comfortable and let us know if there is anything you need help with or if there is an item you would like to see available. We are always open to suggestions. There is more fun to be had when we put our imaginations and creativity together!

– Small business owner and insane overachiever, Giselle.